Water Taxi Boat

The Lake Como water taxi boat “Il Medeghino” is a 9 meter boat on the style of the wooden classical boats from Venice. It is a confortable choice for a couple or a family as well as for groups up to 12 people.

Details of the boat

The boat has been newly built in 2021. It keeps the classical style of the wooden boats but it is very modern in the design and in the facilities.

  • The seating set-up can be rearranged according to groups: it can be recreated as a large sofa or maintain the U-shape for larger groups.
  • On the stern, a sundeck where to enjoy the beauty of the lake while confortably laying down under the sun.
  • 2 fridges with water, prosecco and other drinks at request
  • USB charging station
  • Stereo music with bluetooth connection, that can be also automatically selected by the clients through the use of a tablet.
  • TV screen and Karaoke station, a unique way to spend a few hours of absolute fun for those looking to organize a special party with friends, for bachelor parties, or simply for those who are in Como on holiday and want to enjoy the beauty of the lake in the night in a different way.

Lake Como private boat tours  

“Il Medeghino” Lake Como Water Taxi Boat is moored at the main port in Como town center. We usually depart from Como or neighbourhood villages, but we can reach any other parts of the lake too. The cruise can be personalized according to your preferences, or you can simply check a list of some of our tours. The boat is an ideal choice for couples, families or little groups of friends. The maximum number of passengers allowed is 12.

Prices of tours with water taxi on lake Como

  • 1 hour: 330 € – (6 people – over 6: 30€ per person)
  • 2 hours: 550 €  – (6 people – over 6: 30€ per person)
  • 3 hours: 750 € – (6 people – over 6: 30€ per person)
  • 4 hours: 950 € – (6 people – over 6: 30€ per person)
  • 6 hours: 1400 € – (6 people – over 6: 30€ per person)
  • 8 hours: 1800 € – (6 people – over 6: 30€ per person)