Villa Carlotta Lake ComoTremezzo and Villa Carlotta: the nicest Italian gardens of Lake Como.

Tremezzo is a village located in the central part of lake Como, exactly in front of Bellagio. Tremezzo is mainly known for the beautiful gardens of Villa Carlotta and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.
Villa Carlotta tops the list of must-see attractions on the lake. Built at the end of the seventeenth century, the villa recounts over three hundred years of great collecting and every year opens the doors of a fascinating botanical garden. In spring, the azalea and rhododendron blooms make it famous all over the world. The 8-hectare gardens also contain a lush valley of ferns, a bamboo grove, a Zen-style rock garden, towering cedars, and a lookout surrounded by olive trees. The first floor of the villa is now a museum that houses masterpieces by great artists, such as Antonio Canova. On the second floor are the furniture, private rooms and objects of Princess Carlotta, who in the mid-nineteenth century received the villa as a gift on the occasion of her wedding. The villa is open to the public every day from late March to early November from 9 to 1930 (closing times vary according to the period). The ticket costs 12 Euros.
Next to Villa Carlotta, there is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, one of the most famous hotels on the lake. An excellent choice for an aperitif or a meal after visiting Villa Carlotta or a walk on the lakeshores of Tremezzo.

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