Blevio and Torno are two small villages on the right side of the west branch of Lake Como. Starting from Como and taking the road towards Bellagio, you can reach Blevio in about 15 minutes, the center of Torno in 20 minutes.

The banks of Blevio are characterized by a multitude of historic villas, currently used as residential complexes, hotels or private structures. These beautiful examples of architecture are mostly visible from the lake. Among the most famous villas in Blevio, there is what is now the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, originally the villa of a famous opera singer of the 1800s.

Torno is one of the many characteristic villages of Lake Como, less known than Bellagio or Varenna, and therefore suitable for those who want to enjoy a very local experience. On the shores of Torno stands one of the most impressive villas on the lake, Villa Pliniana, a villa from the 1500s, now used for events and weddings. The villa cannot be visited inside but you can enjoy its beauty by approaching it on board a private boat.

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