Lake Como proposal – Ideas on the lake

Planning to propose on lake Como?

Choosing the right location will enhance your possibilities to get a postive answer! If you are looking to spend a few romantic days on lake Como and ask your beloved the important question, then you want to organize all in the best way.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of nice pretty locations on lake Como. We are selecting here some of the most iconic ones, where you can also get the chance to have privacy and romance.

Nesso is a little village, famous for the most beautiful waterfall on the lake. When you get close by boat, it looks like being in a painting. An old bridge in stones, the houses walls which come out from the water, and the sound of a big mass of water falling in the lake. The best way to enjoy the view is by being on a private boat, from where you can see all the village in its splendor. You might also decide to arrive by land, it might be a bit more complicated for finding parking, and there won’t be as much privacy as you would like to if you are arriving on a busy day during the high season. In this case, it is better arriving early in the morning or a bit later in the evening and maybe avoiding the weekends.


Villa Balbianello is the most famous villa on lake Como, and it has a fantastic view on all the central part of the lake. In the movie of Star Wars this is location where the two main characters fell in love. There are a few corners which are very special for doing the proposal, and you might just find them while walking in the park together with your beloved. If you want to avoid the crowds in high season, you might try to get there around 10am, when the villa just opens or around 5pm, just before it closes down. You can arrive on foot in 25 minutes, parking in Lenno, or with the shuttle boat, which also start from Lenno. You can get there also by private boat, which will wait you while being in the villa, and later continue to tour around the lake.

Villa Del Balbianello

Villa Carlotta is a great choice as well, especially if you are here around end of April and beginning of May, when the flowers blossom. This is the best period to see the villa, and you can find plenty of corners which are perfect for the occastion.

Villa Carlotta Proposta

If you are in Bellagio, the best spot is Villa Melzi. They have huge gardens, and at the very beginning, there is a little pond with a small bridge, which looks like the  fairy tales. While there are many visitors in the villa in the high season, it can be somehow easy to get a moment of privacy in these gardens.

Villa Melzi Proposal

Isola Comacina is for those who love quietness and nature. The walk around the island is just 15 minutes, and during some particular moments of the day, you might really find noone crossing your path. You can get here by ferry, private boat or shuttle boat.

Isola Comacina

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