A list of the main Lake Como attractions, locations, villages and villas. Here are mainly included those places which are considered a must for a first time tour. Como is the bigger town in the province and usually the one where most of tourists arrive to. It is also the one where is most convinient to arrive by car or train. This is a good starting point for later visiting other popular spots, which are mainly located in the south-west branch of the lake. Bellagio is one of the most popular villages, in the center of the lake. Varenna is just opposite, a little pastel-colored houses village. The most famous villas are Balbianello, Carlotta, Melzi and Serbelloni. The only island of the lake, Isola Comacina is also not to be missed. Our personal list is done following an order of what we think the most popular destinations are.


Como is the capital and the main city of the area around the lake, the point where you normally arrive as a first destination and then explore villages, nature and historic villas Como is ideal as a base where to stay for one or more nights or as a point of departure and arrival for those who decide to visit the lake for a day. Do not miss the narrow streets in the historic center, the walks on the lake and the viewpoint from Brunate, which can be reached by funicular. Read More


Bellagio is one of the best known villages on Lake Como. Located in a unique position, exactly at the center of the lake, here it divides into two branches. The village of Bellagio is characterized by narrow stepped alleys, passages and arcades, local craft shops. The parks of Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni can be visited every day and are undoubtedly among the most beautiful on the lake. Finally, a walk to Pescallo and Punta Spartivento to admire the lake from a different perspective. Read More

Villa Balbianello

Villa Balbianello is one of the most spectacular places on Lake Como, an extraordinary marriage of architecture and nature. In the past it was the villa of cardinals and noble families, today it is owned by the FAI and can be visited every day except Mondays and Wednesdays. The villa can be reached on foot from Lenno (about 20 minutes walk), by shuttle or private boat. The mansion has been made famous in recent years for hosting scenes from Star Wars and Casino Royale. Read More


Varenna is a charming village on the banks of the Lecco branch, characterized by the typical pastel-colored houses and by the network of narrow streets that descend steeply towards the lake. A short distance from the center stands Villa Monastero, while an hour's walk takes you to the castle of Vezio, the tower of a medieval castle, from which you can admire a fantastic view of the lake that will leave you speechless. Read More

Villa Carlotta and Tremezzo

Tremezzo is a village located in the central part of the lake, exactly in front of Bellagio. Tremezzo is mainly known for the beautiful gardens of Villa Carlotta and the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Villa Carlotta tops the list of must-see attractions on the lake. In spring, the azalea and rhododendron blooms make it famous all over the world. The interior of the villa has been used as a museum with a collection of important sculptures. The villa is open to the public between March and November, the entrance fee is 12 Euros. Next to Villa Carlotta, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, one of the most popular 5-star hotels on the lake. Read More

Isola Comacina

Comacina Island is the only island on Lake Como, off the village of Ossuccio with which it forms a small bay. The island is rich in history: when the Lombards invaded northern Italy, the island was one of the last outposts of the Roman empire to resist. The ruins can be visited by following a walk through the woods; the entrance ticket is 6 Euros. You can get to the island by ferry or private boat. There is also a famous restaurant on the island. Read More


Cernobbio, the first town you meet from Como going north and towards Switzerland, has always been a famous tourist destination. The center of Cernobbio is characterized by a square and a very charming lakeside promenade. In Cernobbio there are two of the most famous villas on Lake Como. Villa Erba is a villa that was built at the beginning of the 1900s by the noble Erba family, surrounded by a huge park, and now home to an exhibition center. Villa d'Este is today one of the best known 5-star hotels in Italy. The hotel maintains a very classic style, in architecture and service: entering this luxurious residence is like to dive in the past. Read More

Blevio and Torno

Blevio and Torno are two small villages on the right side of the west branch of Lake Como. The banks of Blevio are characterized by a multitude of historic villas, currently used as residential complexes, hotels or private structures. Torno is one of the many characteristic villages of Lake Como, less known than Bellagio or Varenna, and therefore suitable for those who want to enjoy a very local experience. Read More

Moltrasio, Carate Urio and Laglio

Moltrasio, Carate Urio and Laglio are three villages located on the left side of the west branch of Lake Como. Their shores are characterized by a multitude of villas and gardens, mostly visible from the lake. This area is also recommended for those looking for a relaxing place to stay for a few nights and fully enjoy the peace of Lake Como. Read More


Nesso is one of the most characteristic villages on Lake Como, located approximately halfway along the road that connects Como with Bellagio. The hallmark of Nesso is the Orrido, the waterfall that forms the backdrop to one of the most romantic corners of the lake. The beauty of this corner of paradise can be best admired by slowly approaching by boat and fully enjoying the power of the water that comes out of the mountains overlooking the lake. Read More


One of the most beautiful villages on the western shore of Lake Como, Menaggio has a lot to offer. Its compact cobblestone center borders the riverfront and is dotted with shops and pavement cafes. This is also an excellent starting point for walks in the steep hills around the Val Menaggio. Read More


Lecco is the main city at the southern end of the eastern branch of the lake, where the lake ends and the river continues its course under the name of Adda. Lecco is a pleasant town with a shady lakeside promenade and a pleasant nucleus of pedestrian streets. Among the monuments that can be visited, the bell tower of Lecco. Read More