About us

Il Medeghino is a Lake Como charter boat company, based in Como town. It provides private boats tours with four newly built boats, for tourists who want to enjoy on the lake this fabulous location.

Il Medeghino always provides for boat tours with a private captain. The boats are moored in the port of Como town, but they can reach clients anywhere on the lake. We can customize the tours according to clients preferences, or offer standard private packages for those looking for suggestions.

Claudio Lake Como boat tour

Our team

Claudio and Michele are both experienced professionals in privare tours and boat charter in Como Lake.

Como is Claudio‘s hometown; he has been spending time on the lake since he was little.  While having spent long parts of his life abroad, he has always chosen to get back to Como for the summer holidays.

Claudio fluently speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French and some Chinese. Michele is an experienced boat driver who can speak fluent Italian, English and a bit of French.